Every year around 500 people lose their life in the water in Canada. Most of these deaths happen doing recreational activities involving boats. Learn the make up of boating fatalities in Canada and what you can do to help prevent them.

It was a wonderful night sail. We were just approaching the bay where we had planned to set the anchor and call it a night. Then, out of no where about 25 yards to starboard was a big object. Problem was that until it went past us, we never seen it. I asked my instructor what it was. He said, "I dunno. Whatever it was, it was a hull splitter!"

Calling all Alberta boaters... ALMS needs your help this summer. Alberta Lake Management Societies Lakewatch program is a volunteer program which collects improtant information such as water tempreture, clarity and Ph. This information is used for education, monitoring and managment of our pristine Alberta lakes.



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